Tesla is opening a new store in Knutsford, Cheshire. The store strengthens Tesla’s presence for customers in the North West, alongside the Warrington Supercharger station at The Park Royal. The Canute Place store features the Model S design studio, the dual motor Model S rolling chassis and selected merchandise, and it will also serve as a base for test drives.

Tesla Knutsford continues the company’s unique approach to car retailing. Tesla’s stores, frequently located in city centres and shopping malls, are set up to help customers learn more about electric vehicles and the unique experience of driving Model S. Tesla has also announced plans to open a service centre in the North West to complement the Knutsford store.

Model S

Model S is an uncompromised electric car that delivers 285 miles of range at 65mph on a single charge. With a17-inch touchscreen, an outstanding safety record, and an acceleration of 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds, the fully electric Model S breaks the mould. Tesla and Model S have received numerous accolades, including Autocar magazine’s Sturmey Award for Automotive Excellence and Motor Trend’s 2013 Car of the Year. Top Gear Magazine called the Model S “the most important car Top Gear has tested.”

Model S also has associated Android and iPhone apps, available in the UK iTunes and Google Play stores. The apps put Model S owners in direct communication with their cars anytime, anywhere. Owners can use the app to check on charging progress, start or stop charging, and heat up or cool down Model S before driving.

In the UK, prices for the Model S start at £49,380 on the road, including the £5,000 government plug-in grant. UK Model S customers can also benefit from other government incentives including zero road tax, zero showroom tax and exemption from London Congestion Charge. The car is also eligible for the 100 percent First Year Allowance for company purchase and 0 percent Benefit in Kind, both of which last until April 2015.

World’s Largest Fast-Charging Network

Model S’s unmatched range and Supercharger network make long distance travel easy for drivers. A Supercharger replenishes half a charge in as little as 20 minutes. Supercharger stations are strategically placed along well-travelled routes to allow Model S owners to drive long distances with minimal stops. In the UK, Superchargers stretch from Exeter to Edinburgh and links to the European Supercharger network via Maidstone. The European network extends from Northern Norway to Italy and Slovenia. Supercharging is free for Supercharger-enabled vehicles.

Tesla has energised more than 300 Supercharger stations with over 1600 Superchargers worldwide, making it both the largest and the fastest-growing fast-charging network in the world. In Europe, there are 123 Supercharger stations with over 660 Superchargers. For all Supercharger locations, visit www.teslamotors.com/en_GB/Supercharger